Day 3, Wed 18 September

In the morning we will travel by private bus to Villa d’Este estate in Tivoli. After morning tea in the villa’s café, we will be guided through Cardinal Ippolito d'Este’s stately home and its extensive gardens with stunning fountains.

From there a short drive leads to Villa Adriana (Hadrian’s villa), once a rural retreat for Emperor Hadrian and his successors, now a large archaeological complex and UNESCO World Heritage Site. After lunch we will head back to Rome for a private guided tour of the Palazzo Farnese, one of the most important and beautiful Renaissance palaces remaining today. It now serves as the French Embassy in Italy.

To return to the hotel you can choose to travel in our private bus or to walk through the ancient heart of Rome (45 minutes). Another option is stay on longer in the popular Campo de’ Fiori area and enjoy dinner there before taking a taxi back to the hotel.

Total drive time today: 1 hour 45 minutes

Accommodation: 3rd night at Hotel Capo d’Africa, Rome

Meals included: breakfast, morning tea and lunch