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Renaissance Rivalry: art patronage from Rome to Tuscany

Tour starts 6pm Monday 16 September 2019 in Rome
Tour ends 10am Monday 7 October 2019 in Florence

We will view the Renaissance through the prism of intense rivalry amongst art patrons and artists alike. Our tour begins in Rome, with Michelangelo,
Bramante and Raphael’s overriding interest in antiquity and highly innovative artistic approaches. We will then travel north to visit further commissions for the
papal court: three country villas and their gardens, town-planning in Pienza and a painted chapel in Orvieto Cathedral.

In Siena, Florence and Lucca we will explore art patronage in relation to the competitive policies of the church, Republican governments and ruling families.
A prime example is the Medici family’s rise to prominence from bankers to dukes and popes, as demonstrated by their palaces, villas, monastic endowments
and the art created to decorate them. We will also have time to enjoy the hill towns, landscape, wine and cuisine of central Italy along with optional extra activities.


Meet the Patrons

This tour will emphasise the importance of Renaissance art patronage with its diverse personal, dynastic, religious, political and cultural agendas. The strong spirit of competition...
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Meet the Architects

In the Middle Ages, architects were regarded as practical master masons, stone workers or wood workers. During the Renaissance they were given the Greek designation...
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Meet the Painters

The notion of a solitary artist hidden away in his or her studio, expressing an idea in visual form for exhibition or for someone to...
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Meet the Sculptors

Renaissance artists and intellectuals keenly debated the relative worthiness of painting and sculpture. This hot topic of the day was called the paragone (Italian, comparison)...
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